UC-Irvine Performing Arts Schedule Unveiled

Robin Fenchel August 1, 2013

Magnificent opportunities for theater-going Irvine homeowners abound in this community that has a strong affinity for the performing arts, and one of Irvine’s most beloved performing arts spectacles comes in the seasonal offerings from UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts. For those Irving homeowners who take pleasure in patronizing the local scene, good news was just delivered in the form of the schedule for the School of the Arts’ 2013-2014 performance season.

Covering a wide breadth of performance and multimedia concentrations, the events will begin October 3 at the Experimental Media Performance Lab at 4000 Mesa Road in Irvine. One of the more anticipated shows will be  “Far-Flung follows function,” a mixed-media performance art collaborative that fuses web-based analytics with a human acting component.

Then there’s “Virtual Venues: The Distributed Body,” which centers around dance but also  uses video and audio installation and takes place at the Contemporary Arts Center (4004 Mesa Road). This particular program comes in conjunction with several dramatic performances scheduled around the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner.

The Music Department at UC-Irvine has a new fortepiano, which they will be unveiling on October 19. As for the Drama Department, they plan to go into uncharted territory with their upcoming season’s work. “This season, the Drama Department has launched a new approach to its repertoire, using the themes of citizenship and justice as a focal point in our play selections,” stated Department Chair Gary Busy. “In approaching the season this way, we will be presenting works that are not only powerful and timely in their own right, but also speak to one another in continuing dialogue throughout the season.”

All of these schedules are put together by educational and school performing arts committees that begin work on an upcoming season often several years in advance. The culmination of all this work will be realized in the 2013-2014 UC-Irvine theater season, and Irvine homeowners far and wide are sure to take delight in the rich cultural offerings that this eclectic school is known for presenting to their community.

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