Caution: Slow Down for Senior Citizens!

Robin Fenchel December 6, 2012

Senior Citizens Crossing Sign on Harvard Near Columbia Square


Slow Down for Seniors in the University Town Center!

We are all used to seeing caution signs alerting us to slow down and watch out for kids/students crossing near our local Irvine schools schools. But how many of us are used to seeing signs alerting us to slow down for senior citizens?

Retirement Living for Seniors Exists Side By Side with the U. C. Irvine Student population

This sign appears along Harvard Avenue near the neighborhoods of Columbia Square and Cambridge Court. The reason for this cautionary road sign is that seniors reside across the street from these University Town Center neighborhoods in Regent’s Point, a continuing care retirement facility on a 15-acre campus that is located along the edge of Mason Regional Park, and Harvard Manor on California Street.

Flexible Floor Plans  with a Single/Ground Level or Have a Bedroom and Bathroom Down

Within the neighborhoods of Columbia Square, Cambridge Court, Princeton Townhomes, and Oxford Court, there are many retired people/seniors who have sized down from larger single family residences  and are now living in condos and townhouses here in the village of the University Town Center. If single story living is a preference, then there are several floor plans within the neighborhood from which to choose. There are also floor plans that are three bedrooms in size, but have a main floor bedroom and bathroom down, so that a family member or guest who would prefer to avoid stairs can still enjoy the main living, dining and kitchen environments as well as having their living quarters on the first floor.

The Inn at the Park – A Retirement Community across from Oxford Court

Further along Harvard Avenue at Marquette, there is a five-acre retirement facility located across from the neighborhood of Oxford Court called The Inn at The Park (A Brookdale Retirement Home) that provides both independent retirement living as well as personalized assisted living options for seniors.

Caution: Slow Down for Seniors who are Crossing to Grocery Shop       


The Campus Plaza shopping center is situated across from the retirement community of Regent’s Point. Many seniors who live in the peaceful park-like setting of Regent’s Point adjacent to Mason Park cross Harvard to shop at this center. Some seniors use walkers when out and about, so next time you are travelling west on Harvard Avenue from Culver Drive to University Drive, be sure to slow down along this particular stretch of road (down to 25 mph from the usual 45 mph). Not only will seniors appreciate your manners, but you will not be in jeopardy of being ticketed by Irvine’s finest 🙂


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