University Town Center

University Town Center: A Village Near U. C. Irvine’s Campus


An Urban, Eclectic Lifestyle–University Town Center, Irvine

The University Town Center, located between the University of California’s Irvine campus and William R. Mason Regional Park, was the first of its kind and truly visionary when it was first conceived back in 1981, as an urban community that envisioned the convenience and efficiency of city life, with homes,condos,townhouses shops, parks, services and schools all in near one another. It remains a community that addresses some of today’s important issues: efficient land use, efficient housing, energy conservation. In the University Town Center, you will find attached town homes, condominiums, and apartments for adults of all ages, from singles to senior citizens clustered in intimate neighborhoods to put the land to its highest and best use. You will enjoy a pleasing blend of shops, services, offices, theaters, and top-rated schools within a beautifully landscaped pedestrian Promenade, that is a community pathway, which enables one to travel easily between the adjacent neighborhoods.


University of California at Irvine (U.C. I.)

In addition to the Promenade, pathways provide opportunities for jogging, bike riding, strolling and other new innovative means of motoring within the community. This is one of the few neighborhoods in which a car is not necessarily an essential mode of transportation. Transit service is provided by the Orange County Transit Authority. Students enrolled in the University of California at Irvine can hop on the Anteater Express with stops at a variety of locations within the greater Irvine community.

What makes this community even more unique is its location next to the University campus and near major employment centers in the City of Irvine. The University Town Center’s commercial center such as the Campus Plaza and the University Center (originally named the Market Place but later renamed as to not be confused with the Market Place on the Tustin/Irvine border) offers a distinctive urban environment to residents, shoppers, visitors and office employees.

The Promenade is a pedestrian pathway that winds through the University Town Center, linking homes, condos, town homes and apartments with the community’s commercial center. Town homes and parks in the University Town Center are on an urban scale: efficient, compact and functional.

A busy, vibrant community, the University Town Center is a place where the experiences of the various scenes of busy city life are planned: people browsing, shopping, strolling; couples talking quietly in softly lit restaurants; friends gathering to take in a movie; students discussing the latest current events.

U.C. Irvine is constantly growing…not only does it have a stellar undergraduate program, but in addition, is affiliated with U.C.Irvine’s Medical School, U.C.I. Law School, School of Engineering, and many other renowned places of learning. U.C. Irvine is also home to the Bren Center, the Barclay Theater, the Irvine Research Park, the Claire Trevor School of Arts.

Mason-Regional-Park-Near-U.-C.-Irvine1Within the University Town Center, people have access to the William R. Mason Regional Park which hosts many company, and private picnics, has a beautiful lake, biking and hiking paths, sports courts, and during the summertime, has a variety of concerts.

There are a variety of shops and services for your convenience and your pleasure, from gourmet restaurants, to clothing stores, nestled among attractive malls and plazas. Office buildings and research centers may provide a future business address or employment opportunity for you and your neighbors–all within a short distance of your town home or condominium in the University Town Center.

The University Town Center: it’s urban, it’s exciting, it’s constantly growing and it’s a community designed to answer your lifestyle needs for the future…today.

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