Confessions of a Backsliding Blogger ~ Or How My Blogging Life Got Blind-sighted by Real Estate

Robin Fenchel February 22, 2012

When I decided to take up blogging, thanks to an inspiring web 2.0 seminar held by two great instructors/coaches and self-described geeks or propeller heads, Kevin Boar of and Pat Kitano of, I promised myself that I was going to do this blogging thing the right way. I would not be a once-in-awhile, maybe-I’ll-get-around-to it-tomorrow sort of blogger. No, not me. I wasn’t going to be just a middling blogger. I was going to throw myself into this new medium and do it the right way–blog frequently and provide useful, if not inspiring, real estate content. As a newbie blogger, I would blog consistently and with gusto.

Like everything else I pursue, I threw myself into this new blogging thing, and was having a great time honing my imperfect writing skills and overcoming my initial write fright, when the business of real estate hit me square in the center of my blogging life.

While all those would-be buyers and sellers were waiting for the market to plummet or soar (depending on their respective perspectives), I was blogging away, and having a great time doing so. Then all of a sudden, out of the sunny, southern California blue skies came a bolt of buyers, who actually wanted to buy the houses they had looked at, and sellers who actually wanted to price their homes and condos realistically to sell. Taken by surprise, I found myself awash in paperwork (albeit digital paperwork, but nevertheless,paperwork–the stuff of purchase contracts, disclosures, and inspections sort of paperwork) and no time to blog!

Now my days (and nights) are filled with doing the business of real estate, i.e., showing properties, arranging for photo shoots and virtual tours, inputing listings/homes for sale, writing contracts, scheduling property inspections–in short, I am engaged in the practice of buying and selling real estate which is what, after all, I am supposed to do. But now the guilt has set in. I feel like a binge-eater after abandoning a healthy diet and exercise program. Blogging is like exercise, you need a frequent dose of it to lead a healthier, happier, more productive interactive, social-networking life.

And so this blogger is back…and so is the business of buying and selling real estate in Irvine, CA. And I can attest to that.

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