Design & Decorator Trends to Do or Ditch

Robin Fenchel December 14, 2015

Design and Decorator Trends to Do or to Ditch

Design and Decorator Trends to Do or to Ditch

You’ve been collecting design ideas and decorator trends to remodel or redecorate your home for quite a while. Now, you’re finally ready to get down to work. You’ve saved up your money and found contractors.

So, which design ideas and decorator trends do you do and which are outdated that you should discard?

While each item is subject to your own desires, some design and decorator trends just don’t make as much sense as they did in the past.

The kitchen desk — At one time, designers thought adding a desk to the kitchen area would be a great idea. At the far end of a counter, they would drop the counter surface down to desk height, have a cabinet for a printer and space for computer wires and a telephone. The idea was that cooks could file recipes, householders could pay bills or students could do homework there.

These days, hardly anyone has a landline phone in the kitchen or one at all, and smart shoppers keep their recipes on an iPad or tablet that sits in a special holder near their work space. Kids tend to need more space than a kitchen desk typically provided to spread out homework and projects and bills are more often than not received and paid online.

So we recommend that you Ditch the kitchen desk and keep the extra counter space for food prep. And while we’re talking about counter space … some designers have seen a trend of moving away from difficult to care for surfaces like marble, which is porous that can etch and stain, and granite which can require a protective sealer to maintain its surface. Instead, designers and decorators are opting for more maintenance-free engineered solid surfaces.

Faux wall paint — You’ve been wanting to try that faux finish on your walls ever since you got hooked on the DIY home improvement shows three summers ago and now you finally have a wall and the time. Should you do it?

Well, if you’re planning to sell your home, don’t. Faux finishes are personal touches that typically get painted over during preparations to sell a home. Today, designers and decorators are using subtle shades of grays or sandy tan tones which pairs well with any number of woods.

Whirlpool and garden tubs — Another trend you should ditch is the extra large tub that dominates the bathroom. Once a staple of the upscale home, larger tubs take up space in busy households and become collectors of the laundry, plants or other items that need the space.

Instead, think about form and function. If your family takes showers … make the shower awesome. Spend money on surfaces that are easier to keep up in a busy household like easy care luxury vinyl flooring or tile.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t forget about the big picture. Consider how the walls, surfaces, cabinets and hardware has to work together. If in doubt, you can always count on us to assist you in seeking out the latest designer and decorator trends from which to choose. All you have to do is text or call Robin or Eric Fenchel at 949.334.7373, and we will respond to you in a jiffy.

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