How to Stop Rabbits for Eating Plants at your Irvine Home

Robin Fenchel August 3, 2012

Here in Irvine, there are a variety of wild rabbits that inhabit the area. They were here long before Irvine home owners, and often show their frustration by helping themselves to people’s plants and gardens. To create an environment where you can co-exist harmoniously, here are some tips on how to stop rabbits from foraging around your home!

Bunny Barricade: To deter rabbits from invading your garden, you can build a bunny barricade with wooden shish kebab sticks. Place them in the ground at various angles around your garden to form a threatening, spiky barrier that will discourage rabbits from helping themselves.

Rabbit Repellent: Create your own rabbit repellent by mixing Tabasco Sauce and water together (1 Tbsp of Tabasco to 1 gallon of water). Spray the solution on your plants to keep snacking bunnies at bay. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards, and wear some type of protective eye cover, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Trick Them: It may sound weird, but you can buy coyote, fox or wolf urine at garden centers. Pour it around the edge of your garden to keep bunnies at bay. If they believe a predator is nearby, they will high-tail it the other way.  

Deodorize: Grab a bar of cheap deodorant soap the next time you’re at the drug store, and use a vegetable peeler to pull off slivers. Place them around the perimeter of your garden. Rabbits don’t prefer the smell of soap, so this little deodorizing trick will keep your garden fresh and the rabbits away.

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