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The Flowers are in Bloom!

Positive Indicators continue to Emerge in the 2012 Springtime Housing Market

We continue to see the signs of a recovery in the Irvine housing market as we enter the last week in April. Inventory in Irvine continues to be at five year lows, and, in fact, the inventory to homes in escrow ratio is less than one monthbs visible supply, i.e., there were 485 homes for sale in Irvine on April 22nd, and 504 properties in escrow in Irvine.

Just as there was not that much rain this winter to create a large harvest from which to choose, the long, slow erosion of prices, here in Irvine, seems to have ceased, and positive signs of improvement are building. The inventory is as low as it was five years ago, although the prices are obviously at 2003/2004 levels. The availability to pending sales ratio is still dropping, and the ratio indicates an impending uptick in prices over the next several months.

Buyers should be in the decision mode as prices are bound to go up with the limited supply of houses available for the next several months. We are not predicting the next bull surge or bubble, but we do not see a continuation of erosion of prices in our local Irvine market. We can expect that there will be a scattering of Bank-owned properties entering the market, but we think it will be feeding into higher prices rather then causing declining prices.

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