Irvine May Be Next to Ban Plastic Bags

Robin Fenchel August 21, 2012

Paper or plastic? From the sounds of it, the question may be “paper or paper?” going forward. Irvine home owners may be the next to notice that plastic bags are disappearing from their grocery stores and other retail and food outlets. Cities like Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Dana Point, and other California cities have already taken steps to encourage shoppers to take re-usable bags with them when they shop, and now, Mayor Sukhee Kang wants Irvine to do the same.

Her hope is that Irvine home owners can do their part to help reduce the “harmful impacts of widespread use of plastic grocery shopping bags.” Often, plastic grocery bags end up in the ocean via storm drains, and they’re not as widely recycled as some believe. Many supermarkets offer sturdier alternatives to te one-time use bags that so many shoppers have come to know and love. Stores like Trader Joe’s have long-sold re-usable shopping bags, and encourage shoppers to bring them back by giving out a raffle ticket each time they shop with one. Each month, Trader Joe’s stores raffle off gift cards for shoppers who bring in their re-usable bags.

The Irvine City Council will soon discuss the mayor’s proposal, including thoroughly examining the issue and researching how other cities are implementing and managing the law. Styrofoam products are also on the chopping block, and their use will be examined too.

There are so many reasons to become an Irvine home owner! From a variety of local amenities and conveniences to a forward-thinking community spirit, it’s no wonder so many people choose to call Irvine home. We are a team of local real estate agents and we would love to help you find the home of your dreams. Please contact us if we can show you around!

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