Irvine Teen an Inspiration in Sight

Robin Fenchel March 11, 2013

Sight Learning Non-ProfitA recent article by Lauren Jow of the highlights the efforts of Yash Gupta, a sixteen year-old resident of Irvine who is leading an effort to donate glasses to those who may not be able to afford them. He was inspired to start his own non-profit organization, Sight Leaning, after he broke his own glasses. His mission is to collect and redistribute barely-used eyeglasses to the needy around the world, an effort that recently earned him a first-place acknowledgment and $3,500 prize in the Kids Who Give contest. Kids Who Give is a national program about kids who put their time, energy and hearts into helping people and making the world a better place. It was started by Farm Rich, the frozen snacks and appetizers brand, wants to recognize these inspiring young people, as well as help educate others who may want to do more in their communities but don’t know how to get started.

According to Gupta: “I actually broke my glasses doing taekwondo, and after that I couldn’t get my glasses made right away, so I had to go to school without glasses for a week. I was sitting in the back of the classroom, and I realized how dependent I was on glasses. Glasses had always been an afterthought for me. I didn’t think of the consequences of not having them. I learned that there are 300 million people around the world who need glasses but can’t afford them. A lot of these people are students, and they’re not able to get an education because they don’t have glasses.” So far, his organization has collected more than 5,000 pairs of glasses around the world.

Young Mr. Gupta is just another shining example of how Irvine and the surrounding city of Irvine is a community filled with positive, progressive-minded individuals, even at such tender ages. It’s stories like these that have made it my pleasure to be servicing  Irvine’s real estate industry for years.

If values such as this – and people such as Mr. Gupta – are the type of which you want to be part of your residence, then perhaps now is the time to consider buying a home in Irvine. Give me a call today to get started. I’m here and ready to help.

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