Irvine Unified School District Reaches 30,000-Student Mark

Robin Fenchel September 27, 2013

IUSD ImageThe city of Irvine is growing in a multitude of ways. Irvine home prices have skyrocketed all year as Irvine remains one of a minority of Orange County home markets that continues to grow in the second half of 2013. Irvine population growth has also been on a major upswing, with recent U.S. Census Bureau data seeing Irvine as the eighth-fastest growing city in the nation. And a recent report from The Daily Beast ranked Irvine as “the most thriving” city in the United States. Now, Irvine’s school children are adding to this mix, with recent news that the Irvine Unified School District surpassed the 30,000-student mark for the first time in the city’s history.

This news for the 2013-2014 school year comes in light of the fact that the district added 961 students this year, as reported by the Orange County Register. It also comes in the wake of a new school opening in Irvine this year: Jeffrey Trail Middle School. Additionally, school district officials said that they expect that as many as 8,500 new students could be added to the Irvine Unified School District by the 2016-2017 school year. To counter this massive wave of new students entering the system, the district has plans to open six additional schools by the beginning of 2020, much to the delight of Irvine home owners and residents.

As for the milestone that the district hit this year, the 961 new students that helped reached the 30,033 total was the largest one-year addition in the past twenty years, if not longer. The new total was up from 29,072 in 2013-2014, up from 24,930 ten years ago in 2003-2004 and up from 21,419 20 years ago in 1993-1994. These numbers are just as indicative of Irvine’s growth as a major metropolitan area, with U.S. Census Bureau figures predicting the local population at a whopping 231,117 as of January 2013. This is up from about 162,000 ten years ago in 2013 and 119,000 twenty years ago in 1993.

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