Irvine Unified School District’s Plans for a New High School

Robin Fenchel September 18, 2013

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My children attended an Irvine Unified School District elementary, middle and high school when the population of Irvine was approximately 65,000. Because of Irvine’s relatively “small town nature,” I could have sent my children to a neighborhood school that was outside the boundary in which I lived. In other words, Irvine public schools had an Open Enrollment policy.

As the student population grew, the Open Enrollment policy naturally had to be limited to avoid both overcrowding and a higher student to teacher ratio. Currently each residential area has an assigned elementary, middle, and high school. In this way, the assigned neighborhood school is obligated to first enroll all the students from its assigned attendance area who wish to enroll there.

Where seats are available, students may enroll in a school outside of their assigned neighborhood school. However, be aware that there are changes that can occur  by the Board each year to the School Attendance Boundaries.

As the housing market picks up and new Irvine neighborhoods are built out, there will be more demand on the Irvine Unified School District to expand and construct new schools to avoid overcrowding and to meet the new demands on students, teachers, and staff.

The IUSD is currently grappling with the plans for a fifth comprehensive high school as the Orange County Great Park builders move forward with their Grand Opening this weekend. Here is the link to the recent News Flash regarding the Irvine Unified School District’s plans.

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