My Top Dozen Reasons Why You Should Move to Irvine, California

Robin Fenchel December 4, 2012

Overview of Irvine, California

Everyone has “the BEST of” something whether it be movies, songs, artists, etc. at this Holiday time of the year. Indeed, we all look back and recount what the best moments/experiences of our lives were for the past year. As we come to the end of 2012, I’ve considered why I am so passionate about the Irvine lifestyle. Well, for one thing, I inhabit one of the best environments here or anywhere.

I always begin by saying why go to Hawaii on vacation when we have some of the most beautiful beaches right within a few miles of where I live in Irvine. But instead of  just voicing my own point of view, I will illustrate what others independently have come up with so that you can see why I’m so enamored about living here in Irvine, California.

1. Irvine was named the “Safest City” by the FBI for the 8th year in a row in 2012 based on violent incidents for cities with 100,000+ residents.

2. Irvine was ranked #6 as Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine based on strong job opportunities, great public schools, low crime, quality care facilities and many options for recreation.”

3. Irvine was ranked #6 in the U.S. as having the “Happiest Young Professionals” by Forbes magazine online based on criteria including “work-life balance, work environment, job resources, compensation, and growth opportunities.”

4. Irvine has one of the best public educational districts in the U. S.–Irvine Unified School District–(University High School was nationally ranked by U.S. News and World Report at #8 in the entire U.S. for 2011).

5. Irvine has a temperate, Mediterranean type climate which is why the motto “Another Day in Paradise” is a true reflection of the city’s promise to provide days and days of sunshine and mild weather.

6. Irvine was awarded 2nd Place by the National League of Cities Cultural Diversity Award for the development of creative and effective programs that improve and promote cultural diversity within the community.”

7. Irvine was awarded a Playful City USA designation from KaBoom!, a national non-profit organization promoting children’s recreation and creation of more places for children to play.

8. Anyone who has lived here in Irvine can attest to the fact that you can body surf in the ocean, hike in the desert, and ski in the mountains all in one day starting out from Irvine. Maybe there should be a special ranking for just for this category! What do you think?

9. Irvine now has a WalMart ! Just more proof that Irvine “has arrived” as the go to place in which to live!

10. Irvine now has (or will have) the Great Park to which the City Council members, builders, businesses and plain ole folks like us aspire (sooner or later) which will be comparable to the best of the well known parks which were designed by Frederick Olmsted–i.e.,  N.Y.C.’s Central Park and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Oh, and let’s not forget that it has that fun Orange Balloon ride!

11. We have South Coast Plaza, the new tourist attraction for wealthy internationals to spend their currency here instead of keeping it tied up in their own countries which charge higher prices and tariffs for the same goods. This should bolster our numbers at least for the holiday shopping season–helping businesses here locally. I know what you’re thinking: South Coast Plaza is in Costa Mesa, well, it’s clear that it’s close enough to be numbered among one of the top reasons to move to Irvine). Wouldn’t you agree, fashionistas?

12. The famous Irvine Spectrum which is in Irvine (but just as close in traveling time as South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa or Fashion Island in Newport Beach) provide entertainment galore with multiplex cinemas (Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21), its upscale restaurants, and shopping…and let’s not forget the Ferris Wheel and Merry-Go-Round!

13. Last but not least is my “Baker’s Dozen” reason for your moving to Irvine: that reason would be you, yes YOU,who will add the best possible value to the city of Irvine with your infinite contributions to your new Irvine neighborhood/community, which happens to be my last, best reason of all!

Here you will find a link to the complete City of Irvine’s Awards and Recognition from 2007 through 2012. Cheers, and hope to see here in Irvine!




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