Open Space/Open House for the 99 Percenters

Robin Fenchel December 11, 2012


So, you live in Irvine, CA. You enjoy the climate, proximity to the ocean, mountains, and desert. You have embraced the Good Life.  Safe City. Great Schools. Multicultural Community. Perhaps you are also one of the fortunate ones to live in a home designed by the architect, Barry Alan Berkus (1935-2012) who recently left this world for the great natural lighting and open spaces in the sky.

Unlike many other well-known architects such as Frank Gehry or Joseph Eichler, Barry Alan Berkus was relatively unknown to many who actually lived in and enjoyed his visionary designs “for the masses.” Unlike  William Levitt, the real estate developer who was one of Berkus’ first clients, Berkus chose to “give people houses that were more than just a box.”

I wish to personally thank him for designing homes that  feature grand entrances, volume ceilings, master suites, natural light, and open spaces in tract home housing here in Irvine and Newport Beach.

Prominent examples of Berkus’ homes can be found in Newport Beach’s Harbor View Homes neighborhood, the Highlands community in Turtle Rock, Irvine and the Landing 1 and 2 in the village of Woodbridge also located in Irvine. Berkus was one of the first architects to incorporate  a flexible space that could be used as an office, spare bedroom or playroom which he called a “bonus” room.

He told the Wall Street Journal in 2008 that “production architects began to promote the idea that people could live in exciting spaces even if they couldn’t afford their own architect.”

Happy journey, Barry, and thank you!

Are you one of the lucky ones to live in a Berkus-designed home in Irvine, California. If so, we would love to connect with you.

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