Saving on Insurance for Your Irvine Home

Robin Fenchel June 15, 2013

Home insurance is a major necessity for homeowners, despite its often-daunting price tag. It protects your home and gives peace of mind, but the cost of it seems to be rising annually. According to Steve Odland, a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine, some homeowners jump from policy to policy, shopping around often for the best rates, but that can become exhausting. Also, discounts can be offered for staying with the same policy for an extended period of time. Consult a local real estate professional and follow these tips to protect your Irvine, California home at a budget price.

  • Since the insurance on your Irvine, California home isn’t really meant to cover minor repairs or damages, raising your deductibles can ensure that you’re getting the best deal month-to-month while still having the proper protection in case your home is damaged.
  • Being prepared with backup and warning systems can lower home insurance costs. A surge protector that protects your entire home, functional smoke detectors in case of a fire, and a generator in case of a power outage, can save you some money on insurance, as well as help to protect your family.
  • As previously mentioned, homeowners’ insurance is meant to protect against major damage to your home. Don’t make insurance claims for small repairs, as the more claims you make, the higher your insurance rate will be.
  • Speaking of not worrying about the small things, exclude unnecessary coverage from your Irvine home’s insurance policy. For example, if you or your spouse’s jewelry isn’t expensive, including it on your homeowners’ insurance policy can unnecessarily raise your rate.
  • Another way of controlling the cost of your Irvine, California home’s insurance is to bundle your insurance. Multi-policy households are generally offered generous discounts. Having the same automobile and home insurance company can save a considerable amount of money and make paying your insurance bills less of a hassle.

If you have any further questions about insurance for your Irvine, California home or local real estate, please feel free to contact us.

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