Best broker for today’s times

To Whom It May Concern:

Selling a home in today’s economic and financial times, the worse seen since the Great Depression, with inventory levels at historical highs, and the highest record of foreclosures and job losses how could anyone achieve success in selling their home in today’s times.

The old cliché that when “The going gets tough…the tough get going” clearly rings true when it comes to my brokers who sold my home of recent and that is the Eric and Robin Fenchel Team at Century 21. Given these historical times where owning real estate has transformed being the “American” dream to now being the “American” nightmare it takes “proven” professionals that not just understand the market but “tackle” the market each and everyday. It takes a professional that doesn’t just list a home and “hopes for the best”, but rather develops strategy to sell your home and one that understands the daily fluctuations to make critical adjustments to successfully market and sell a home in today’s market – That is what you get with Eric and Robin –

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Part of being revolutionary is knowing that you don’t have to acquiesce to the tired, old ideas of the past…” And with Eric and Robin they too do not acquiesce to the ideas of the past or the tired ideas, but rather call and say, “Hey this idea is not working, things have changed, we too need to change our strategy…” This is the difference with the Fenchel Team. Lets not wait for the Buyer to come to us, but rather lets go find the “right” buyer for you… And, that’s exactly what this Team did for me.

As we closed escrow AT FULL PRICE OF ASKING and the transaction went as smooth as glass I cannot recommend more highly that when it comes to picking the right broker for your needs you need to ask the question who is the best broker for today’s times. For me, and in the future, that is the Fenchel Team!!!

Dan Boyd