They’ve sold plenty of homes

From the get-go, what struck me about this pair was a very personal approach to understanding not just the attributes of your house, but also taking the time to get to know you as a seller, your unique circumstances, and how to best take advantage of the home’s strengths to maximize your yield from the sale. No cookie-cutter approach, even in this fast-moving seller’s market, but a thorough consideration and sincere appreciation of the value of all the strengths that your property has and doesn’t have. They’ve sold plenty of homes in our neighborhood, and they keep a close watch on market trends and recent sales, so they’re very familiar with optimistic but fair pricing and have a lot of detailed, local experience to offer.

Robin has an excellent eye for décor and staging, and was able to give me a lot of pointers on how to spruce up the place to be photogenic and market-ready without having to pay for professional stagers, and even added a few classy touches of her own. I was blown away by the elegance of the online profile of our home and the print brochure that she composed; I almost couldn’t believe that this was actually our house being featured! It was almost enough to make one reconsider the whole decision to sell!

Eric is extremely savvy to the business and the dynamics of the market, and his extensive experience really became a plus when the buyer for our first escrow created some problems. It’s times like these when you need an experienced agent on your side who’s seen some of the craziness that can go on in these deals, and can help less experienced clients like me navigate the rule book, what’s acceptable, negotiable, and what’s not. He also brings a very valuable perspective on the business, why people sometimes do what they do, all of which I found very helpful in trying to make the best decisions possible when things weren’t going right. Our second escrow went much smoother, even when the buyer’s agent was very green and needed guidance and reassurance. Eric was able to move the whole process forward, avoiding any potential for pitfalls that could have further hurt us, and trying to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners.

Through the whole process, I also really appreciated their prompt and open communication, with quick answers to questions, and regular updates even when everything was still on track. They had good connections for outside help at reasonable prices when it was needed. I felt they gave me balanced and sound advice, and were acting in my best interests, but also cautioning me against my own tendencies to make decisions that might have complicated or jeopardized the deal. These are exactly the combination of qualities that a seller needs from their agents. Considering the kind of support that the two buyers we dealt with were getting from their respective agents, I’m awfully glad that I had these two on my side!