We were impressed with their extensive knowledge

To Whom It May Concern:

When my wife and I decided to list our home, we wanted to take a thorough approach and interview several top realtors in our area. We were seeking an agent who understood the intricacies of the current housing market, has enjoyed a successful track record as a Realtor, grasped the value proposition of our home, and was able to listen and respond to our concerns and questions throughout the process.

During the interview period, we met Eric and Robin. They immediately separated themselves from the other agents we had encountered. First, Eric and Robin entered our home with a noticeable respect. They were the first realtors who didn’t start the meeting by telling us what we needed to upgrade or improve upon should they take the listing. They listened to our story, and took notice of our thoughts regarding many issues and items within our home. Additionally, they didn’t talk about their previous clients’ personal stories- as other realtors had done. We weren’t interested in working with someone who would share our personal information with their next potential clients after escrow closed.

Second, we were impressed with their extensive knowledge and understanding of the current financial situation, especially during these unprecedented times. They demonstrated an outstanding knowledge that went beyond the typical housing averages, and were able to speak intelligently to current financial markets. I later learned that Eric has an extensive background in this area.

Third, we were surprised that they knew more about our home builder than we did. Not only that, but they knew the background and history of the other home builders in our neighborhood and surrounding areas as well. To our surprise, this became a key element in the selling of our home.

Finally, and most importantly, we do not believe we would have sold our home in this environment without Eric and Robin. Like many other escrow transactions, we encountered some serious obstacles throughout the escrow period. Because of their extensive knowledge, experience and ability to listen, they single-handedly overcame every major issue that we encountered with the buyers during the escrow process. Even more impressive, they sold our home during one of the worst financial crisis our nation’s history, and sold it for the highest price that anyone has ever paid for our model!

I think the highest complement you can give someone is a referral. Not only would I refer Eric and Robin to an acquaintance or friend, but I would refer them to my own family. I can’t think of a better way of saying that we would use them all over again!


Todd and Kellie