These Two Realtors Run for Fun! And It Feels Good!

Robin Fenchel February 15, 2012

No, we are not talking about running for elective office during this hotly contested 2008 Presidential election year!

Nor are we talking about running from declining home values!

We are talking about running for the pure fun of it!

We do it to extend our quality of life, boost our mental attitude and lose weight to boot (without dieting). As a matter of fact, you can eat more, and still shed the pounds if you exercise regularly. Oh, we know all about the stuff of “We don’t have enough time to”. Well, our advice is to find the time! We started running (or jogging) in 1999, and have continued on track (with minimal back-sliding).

Some benefits are lower blood pressure, reduced propensity for diabetes, heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, bone loss, weight loss, resulting in an improvement in overall well-being, and upping your energy level so that you can deal with higher gas prices, the ups and downs of the economy, and declining home values!

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