UC Irvine's Upcoming Film Festival

Robin Fenchel October 21, 2012

Beginning October 29, the University of California, Irvine, is hosting its 18th annual six-week film festival showing advanced screenings of upcoming films before they are released to the public. For movie lovers in Irvine, this is a great opportunity to see all those new releases you’ve been looking forward to, but won’t have time to see in theaters during the busy holiday rush.
While most movie festivals open for public viewing show already-released films or honor classic cinema and independent films, the festival at UC Irvine welcomes exciting new films, which are expected to garner a lot of attention at various awards ceremonies in the film industry this year.Among the many critically acclaimed films to be screened in advance at the UC Irvine festival are Black Swan, featuring Natalie Portman’s Acadamy Award winning performance, Best Original Screenplay winner Juno, and Slumdog Millionaire, which took home the Oscar for Best Picture.Dr. Michael Berlin will host, and is certainly an attraction to this exciting event, as the list of films and television programs he has either written or produced includes Murder, She Wrote, Anguish, Miami Vice, and many others.

Though the list of films is never released in advance, many movies screened at this event in the past have gone on to glean Oscar nominations, and to win top honors at the Academy Awards later in the season. To learn more and purchase tickets to this exciting local opportunity, visit the “Sneak Previews” website.

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